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Articles published in Portrait: Magazine of Australian & International Portraiture

  • Internal conflict: An unpublished self-portrait by Donald Friend satirizes his role as an Official War Artist (2011)
  • On active service: An analysis of Rick Amor’s portrait of General Peter Cosgrove (2007)
  • Reflections on a Hologram: A discussion of the unusual portrait of Graeme Murphy by Paula Dawson (2005)


Contributions to the Postcards of the National Portrait Gallery (Australia)



Online Lecture

Public Seminar: “Their War and Mine” (29 July 2012)

A discussion about the correlation between self-portraiture and Australian war art, recorded for the HR Gallop Gallery.



John Hopper’s “The Textile Blog”, Return of the Tentmakers (18 February 2013)

Grand Tour Diary (2005-2006) (Travel Blog – Australia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Libya, and East Africa)

An Ideal City? The 1912 competition to design Canberra.  (Research project published by the National Library of Australia, 2004)

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Conference Papers



Another Egyptian Revolution: Khayamiya as War Art

War in the Visual Arts, September 2013 – University of Cork, Ireland



Touristic Khayamiya, circa 1900, cotton applique on linen.

Touristic Khayamiya, circa 1900, cotton applique on linen.

Tentmakers and Tourists: The Re-Orientation of Khayamiya

Visions of Egypt Conference, September 2013 – University of Hull, UK



The National Portrait Gallery, photo by Brett Boardman

‘There’s a post for that’: Creating the National Portrait Gallery Blog

National Association of Visual Arts Educators (NVAEC) 2012 – Presented in the National Gallery of Australia


The National Portrait Gallery Blog (now “Postcards”) engages educators with new ways of addressing portraiture in a classroom setting. By connecting portraiture to themes beyond the Gallery environment, the Blog also reaches researchers, students, social media users and potential visitors to the National Portrait Gallery with subjects they otherwise would not encounter in the galleries. Rather than highlighting specific objects in the collection, the Blog seeks to open the genre of portraiture to a much broader audience. This presentation will discuss how the NPG Blog was created, to whom it is written, and how it engages diverse audiences.




George Edmund Butler - Oct 1918 - Sunken Road near Solesmes

Detachment: The concept of ‘objective distance’ in War Art 

Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ) 2011 (Wellington, New Zealand) Sam Bowker: Abstract for AAANZ 2011 “Detachment”




Dennis Trew Names from the Book of the Dead 1992 and 1997 Australian War Memorial Collection

Reflecting Vietnam: Self-Portraits and Institutional Memory 

AAANZ 2009 (Canberra, Australia) Sam Bowker – Abstract for the 2009 AAANZ Conference




Eric Thake - Kamiri Searchlight - 1945

Machine Identities: The WWII self-portraiture of Eric Thake and Harold Freedman

Art Worlds Symposium, Australian National University (Canberra, 2009) Sam Bowker – Abstract for the 2009 Art Worlds Symposium

(Symposium co-convened by Sam Bowker, Luke Diggins and Denise Morgan)




Wendy Sharpe and Rick Amor in East Timor - 1999

Private Agendas / Public Spaces: Two case studies from East Timor (Wendy Sharpe and Rick Amor)

AAANZ 2008 (Brisbane, Australia) Sam Bowker – Abstract for the 2008 AAANZ Conference




Dyson selfportrait Our Pillbox

Their War and Mine: Self-portraiture in Australian War Art

War, Virtual War and Human Security (Budapest, 2008) Conference Papers here.




Otto Dix: The ‘war artist’ self-portraits

Art and Anxiety Symposium, Australian National University (Canberra, 2008) Sam Bowker – Abstract for the 2008 Art and Anxiety Symposium

(Symposium co-convened by Sam Bowker, Gwen Horsfield and Rebecca Chandler)